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A groundbreaking design for a 21st century country house

A vast equestrian farm that sits in stunning Oxfordshire countryside. Our brief was to focus on the relationship between the inside and outside, bringing the experience of the surrounding countryside into the house to create a backdrop in the communal living spaces.

The building is formed of two connected wings that are positioned around a top-lit glazed gallery. Sitting on a large stone plinth made of local stone, the structure appears to be emerging from the landscape.

Inspired by Medieval living, open-plan and free-flowing areas dominate the space with heat and light located at their centre. Sustainability and cutting-edge technology are integral to the design and traditional building materials such as English oak and stone are used for the structure and detailing.

Each stage of the project so far has been a delight to witness. With such a unique and groundbreaking build we have been intently documenting the developments...