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Art Basel Miami Beach 2017

Each year the sensational city of Miami Beach transforms into a global hub for modern and contemporary art. With one week of big shows, openings and fringe festivals from the masters and emerging stars of the art world, this extraordinary event is now firmly on my annual calendar.

First off is assembling the mass of passes, guides, openings, museums, private collector’s open houses and invites. Then follows a careful mapping of how to navigate the events without spending the week in traffic and continually crossing the causeways to the mainland.

With a fourth return to the event last month, I came away with some real highlights. Here is a round-up of the shows that I visited and a few of my favourite finds from each…

Art Miami

Set in its new and much improved mid-town location, this popular exhibition always has some good galleries and art to offer.

Favourite finds…

- A new commissioned piece from Andy Burgess at the Cynthia Corbett Gallery will find its way into one of our houses under construction next year.

- Some late Adolph Gottlieb works from 1971 also caught my attention in the Rosenfeld Gallery.

Scope Contemporary Art Show

Located on the sands of Ocean Drive off South Beach this show mixes some interesting and smaller galleries with some of variable quality in the emerging contemporary art market.

Favourite finds…

- Away for the manicured and rapidly resurrected Miami Beach lie miles of damaged coastline. I acquired one painting of a series painted at night exploring the gradual re-growth of the beach Flora and Fauna and post hurricane beach-scapes by Jonathan Brewer in Demons Mouth Gallery.

- I also enjoyed the meditative and vibrant paint on textiles by Sati Zech.


Presented within a large, airy tent on the beach this exhibition is a refreshing visit, although the layout always slightly irritates!

Favourite finds…

- Velvet canvasses geometrically faded under the Spanish Sun by Nicolas Grospierre in the Alarcon Criado Gallery.

- The incredible detail of Mio Yamato from the Cohju gallery.

Design Miami

This small show next to the Convention Centre is a global forum for design. Bringing together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. Galleries gather to present museum-quality exhibitions of the twenty-first century furniture, lighting and objects d’art.

Favourite finds…

- A stunning collection from Gallery All including an exquisite rug, which will hopefully furnish one of our interior projects.

- The Chandelier in a Shoal of Glass was also a favourite piece exhibited by The Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Art Basel

The main and largest event of the week and America’s premier Art Fair. Located in the Convention Centre, this is the catalyst show of the whole week.

Out of the hundreds of galleries and thousands of exhibits there is too much to illustrate but here are some which I loved...

- The vivid collection from Shirana Shahbazi.

- ‘TBT’ by Wolfgang Tillmans from the Regen Projects Gallery.

- 'Suspension’ by Matt Connors in the Modern Institute Gallery.

- ‘Strung Together’ by John Houck in the Marianne Boesky Gallery.

- ‘Office Windows’ by Julian Opie in the Alan Cristea Gallery.

- ‘Still Life with Golden Goblet’ by Gordon Cheung in the The Alan Cristea Gallery.

- ‘Cross Contaminated’ by Walead Beshty in the Regen Projects Gallery.


An expertly curated show and the only major American art fair to be produced by a non-profit organisation.

Favourite finds…

- ‘Stonehenge Portal 1’ by Liz Nielsen in the Danziger Gallery.

- ‘Quotidian’ by Donna Ruff in the RWFA Rick Wester Fine Art Gallery.

- ‘Petals’ by Cornelius Volker in the Hosfelt Gallery.

- ‘Distortions’ by Sandra Kantanen in the Purdy Hicks Gallery.

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