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Beyond the canvas: exploring India’s vibrant art scene

The craftsmanship displayed by local artisans is a constant source of fascination during my travels. Not only because there is so much to learn and appreciate in their extraordinary skillsets, but because the most direct path to understanding a culture is by engaging with artists who are immersed in it. As they stand at the vanguard of questioning and exploring a place’s unique contemporary and historical landscape.

Having recently returned from Salone del Mobile, I couldn’t help but reflect on the differences between my week in Milan and my trip in January to India for the India Art Fair in New Delhi and Jaipur Art Week.

The India Art Fair is naturally a very different proposition, the experience is as much about immersing oneself in the vibrant cultural program surrounding the shows as the artwork itself. You get an intimate sense of the art scene and broader socio-economic, political and cultural concerns.

Unlike Salone del Mobile, where encounters with a designer or artist might be scarce, the New Delhi and Jaipur shows foster a sense of accessibility and intimacy. One is warmly invited to engage with the artistic community, encouraging a climate of open dialogue and intellectual exchange. These encounters even extended to private residences and studios, where artists graciously showcase their work.

Among the many who made lasting impressions, are several names whose work keenly resonated with
– Tanya Goel
– Vipeshka Gupta
– Ayusha Patni
– Shruti Phagre

This glimpse at some of the exciting work being produced will hopefully encourage readers to share my passion for it. The warmth and hospitality extended by the Indian art world – from collectors to artists, gallery owners and fellow enthusiasts – is reason enough to plan a visit to one of the country’s related

And with the opportunity to truly connect with artists and thinkers once there, one gains a deeper understanding of the themes, symbols, and narratives that shape the art, allowing for a richer and more meaningful appreciation of its beauty and significance. 

I even managed to bring a few works home to add to my collection! The work of Arun Devi and the miniaturist Riyas Udin will find their way into our London studio to inspire and enrich us daily.



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