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A circular pledge for art

Closed galleries and postponed international art fairs have been a necessary aspect of lockdown, but one positive consequence has been the emergence of the Artists Support Pledge founded by Matthew Burrows. Powered by Instagram, it’s a really simple circular idea that encourages artists to sell modestly priced work and pledge to buy an artwork when they reach £1,000. It’s generated a huge response globally and I’ve found a range of works by artists, both familiar and unfamiliar, to add to my own collection.

I’ve always been interested in drawing and drawing tools and this probably explains some of my choices of works in pencil and ink. These include a pencil drawing of horse chestnuts by Victoria Braithwaite, a botanical artist, whose work is strangely explosive and almost photographic. Also working in graphite is Kayleigh Harris who creates intense works with a strong kinetic feel to them. Using subtle ink-filled effects that are evocative of weather fronts drifting across the field of vision is artist Kostas Papakostas. I’m also really interested in the work of Aimee Parrott and have been aware of her for some time. The pieces I’ve acquired from her are in some ways typical of her work, with nature-filled layers underpinned by powerful female themes.

Discovering new artists digitally through the scheme, including a printed piece by Matthew Burrows who instigated the whole pledge idea, has been a real pleasure during lockdown. Hopefully there will be a lasting impact of the project helping artists to survive and nurture one another in these challenging times.

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