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Massimo Alba

Milan is up there with my favourite European cities and I like to make an annual trip to find out what’s new and exciting in the city. No trip is complete without a visit to Massimo Alba; a divine boutique that sums up what shopping should be about.

Both the men’s and womenswear collections have a distinct subtext that takes some time to spot – think curious and subtle colours, exquisite tailoring, exceptional quality and a single-mindedness when it comes to not following the (fashion) pack.

The Italian phrase ‘sprezzatura’ perfectly describes his boho natural look.

A style that works brilliantly in the laid back vintage-style boutique,lit up by witty objects and ephemera. There aren’t many shops you can walk into once or twice a year and be greeted by name by the laid-back Alessandro, the perfect salesman for this stunning collection.

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